Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about buying or selling?

How do I know the seller has the product available?

  • Speak to the seller via video (FaceTime, Facebook, WhatApp).
  • Don't just e-mail/text, make a phone call.
  • Once they ship it, ask for a copy of the tracking number.

How do I pay the seller?

  • We recommend PayPal  - Goods and Services when paying with PayPal. 
  • Credit cards offer higher fraud protection than debit cards.
  • If you're nearby and in a safe area, meet in-person

How do I avoid scams?

  • We implemented a mechanism that recognizes and flags scam postings. This has been an effective way to manage the content unlike other similar sites that may've listings.
  • We still recommend contacting the seller directly and following some safety tips such as a video or phone call, and using Pay Pal or Venmo to make payment. 
  • We assume no liability for any items listed, but do our best to manage the content. 

What do I need to sell my items?

  • Register for a free account!
  • List your item using our easy form.
  • Pictures of your item.

What do I do when a buyer contacts me?

  • Respond quickly to buyer questions and prepare to go on video to showcase your item.
  • Accept payment PayPal Goods and Services for items that you sell.

Why should I list on KiteGearUSA?

  • List in one nationwide place outside of social media (i.e. not listing in multiple FaceBook groups).
  • We have a system in place to protect buyers from fraud. This makes the community safer for anyone.
  • We have listings from individual sellers, dealers, and kite schools to maximize the type and quality of gear available.