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  • September 3, 2022 9:59 pm
  • Saint Petersburg , Florida United States

I am selling this 7m Core Nexus 2 on behalf of my wife. The kite has been meticulously cared for and is in pristine, like new condition (no repairs or damage of any kind canopy is still crisp and shiny.) The nexus is a very versatile kite and the 7m is great for foiling, surfing or as a big air kite. A 7 meter kites is a perfect size for learning kiteloops and the nexus is has a very friendly and forgiving loop.  My wife loves it for her signature move, the double back roll kiteloop.

The Nexus has 3 CIT modes for different riding disciplines:

1) Wave, great for surfing and foiling with stable drift and lots of depower

2) Freeride, my wife’s favorite for big air and kiteloop  s, a balance of depower on the bar and more aggressive turning to get good lift and hang time for jumps

3) Freestyle, my personal favorite for basic handlepass/ unhooked tricks and for more hearty kiteloops.

I also have a sensor 2s+ bar for sale.  The sensor 2s+ is in great shape and comes with a standard and large chicken loop (It has the large chicken loop on it now but I can swap the standard over if you prefer.) It also has the vario line system that lets you change line lengths from 18m lines (great for foiling or hearty kite loops, to 22m lines (great for unhooking or more responsive kite feel for boosting) or 24m lines for more all-around power and maximum jump height as well as more forgiving megaloops.

Price for the 7m Nexus 2 and bar together is $800 (regularly $1650+ $590)

just the Core Sensor 2s+ bar for $185 (regularly $590)

and just the 7m Nexus 2 for $750


  • Category : Kites
  • Condition : Like New
  • Brand : Core
  • Year : 2020
  • Model : Nexus 2
  • Size : 7


Saint Petersburg , Florida United States