• October 14, 2022 1:06 am
  • British Columbia Canada

This is an LP (not Lift, I had to select a brand above). Custom made in Hood River and all carbon complete foil setup.
The foil is beautifully crafted and rides amazing for kiting. I’ve shifted to winging mostly these days and have too many foils.

I had a second front wing custom made a year or so after purchasing the original complete foil.

So the foil kit includes the 720cm shown:

And a lower aspect more triangular shaped ~1000cm² front wing as well with a second custom fuselage to accommodate the revised design.

It includes 2 separate carbon fuselages and 1 rear wing.

The mast is 90-100cm somewhere in that range – all carbon.


Items included:

  • 1 carbon mast
  • 1 720cm carbon front wing
  • 1 ~1000cm carbon front wing
  • 1 standard carbon fuselage
  • 1 custom carbon fuselage
  • 1 ~200cm rear carbon tail and custom shims to fit.

Foil is complete and works beautifully in both the 720 and 1000cm configuration. I wouldn’t change a thing about this setup. I just don’t use it enough to justify it sitting in my garage.

Image above shows the 720 front wing. I can send photos of the 1000cm front wing and all of the components to interested parties.


  • Category : Foil Gear
  • Category : Hydrofoils
  • Condition : Good
  • Brand : Lift
  • Model : FRS FW720 720 cm² + 1000cm²
  • Mast Length : 95
  • Hydrofoil Wing Area : 720


British Columbia Canada